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tobikko trash

i'm ems and i'm kind of in love with johnny's entertainment

hi! my name is ems and i'm a sixteen year old demigirl in the JE fandom~ (I use she/her, they/them, or xe/xem pronouns, i have no preference for which set you use)

my favorite groups are Hey!Say!JUMP, Sexy Zone, Arashi, KAT-TUN, and Johnny's WEST. as far as junior groups go, I love SixTONES, Mr. King vs. Mr. Prince, and Travis Japan.

i diy basically everything and i'll try to post about my JE-related crafting escapades here. i also do graphic design so maybe ill make icons or something who knows

my faves (per group, in no particular order):

Hey!Say!JUMP ❤ Yabu Kota
Johnny's WEST ❤ Kiriyama Akito
Arashi ❤ Matsumoto Jun
KAT-TUN ❤ Taguchi Junnosuke
Sexy Zone ❤ Marius Yo
SixTONES ❤ Tanaka Juri
Mr. King vs. Mr Prince ❤ Jinguji Yuta
Travis Japan ❤ Shimekake Ryuya