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so i thought i would make a post about my weekend project! it's this plushie of yabunbun, Yabu's JUMP character!

i got all of the fabric for this at joann's. i got a half-yard each of blue and yellow fleece, and a quarter-yard each of black and white felt. fleece was half-off so i saved some money woo

i also drew up a pattern but my scanner wasn't working so i couldn't scan it "-_- sorry

my sewing machine was also broken so i couldn't really machine-sew any of this. everything on the plushie was either hand-stitched or hot-glued. this took FOREVER (HSJ pun not intended) i hot-glued the face and body details on and sewed everything else.

but here he is! he's bigger than i anticipated which i think is okay because who wouldn't want to hug a giant bee with soccer-ball antennae?

his antennae are posable as well! i just glued a bit of floral wire inside. i also wish i made his head wider but overall im very pleased with how he turned out

here's a photo of me holding him for size comparison:

okie doke...time to go prepare for the week ahead of me. see you guys later <3

Tags: ems makes things, hey say jump, yabu kota, yabunbun
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