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ems' lyfe #2 - JURI NO


im tired as usual but things are pretty good right now. im doing well in all of my classes (b average) and i havent really been toooooo anxious (school wise) lately. so yeah

i think i'm switching my sixtones fave again?? it started when i found their sadistic love performance again....and then...jURI F****ING TANAKA





so...theres that.

HSJ just released the previews for kimi attraction. it looks pretty good and i'm glad i bought all 3 editions although i was lowkey hoping that this would be a "cool JUMP" single. i should've known that it would be cutesy haha. the PV is similar to chau's but
the color scheme is warmer. they still have that "prince" aesthetic going on though.

screenshots ahoy:

(here i can read that it's explaining the concept, but i can't read the rest. i'm really curious what the concept is.)

in the middle they all individually say "kimi ga number one" which is like "you are number one." yabu's "kimi ga number one" is my favorite but i'm definitely biased. it may or may not be my text tone.

okie doke thats all on the ems show for now lol. see u guys later

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