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ems' lyfe #1 - math presentations etc

hey everyone i guess this will be a personal blog bc im lame

today was pretty good. we had our school district's monthly 2 hour delayed opening which was nice but i didn't sleep in much because i had to run some errands in the morning.

last night i did my nails with my new nail wraps!! they're kitties and i really like them even though they turned out a little wrinkly. they remind me of jiji from kiki's delivery service

so on delayed days you have your even-numbered classes (2,4,6) and the day after delayed days you have your odd classes (1,3,5,7.) then the schedule goes back to normal. today i had graphic design, study hall, and math, so it was a pretty chill day overall. tomorrow i have US history, earth science, AP language and composition, and theatre, which is....way less of a chill day.

so overall, today i was like

and tomorrow i'm gonna be like

haha. tomorrow's friday though so i'm not toooooo terrified. the weekend is nigh!!

today during math we did presentations for our statistics project. basically, we had to choose two cities that we'd like to live in some day and do graphs and stuff based on demographics for each city, and based on those graphs, choose which city we'd prefer to live in. i chose Tokyo and Osaka for my study and put pictures of Hey!Say!JUMP and Johnny's WEST in my presentation haha. I also played Ultra Music Power and Ee Janai Ka while i was presenting. people seemed to link it so I think i did alright!

right now I'm listening to OVER and my brother is complaining about how it's stuck in his head. i love this song though haha

i have to go study for my earth science quiz now so i'll see you guys later~

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